Factory is free and runs on Mac OS X®, Windows®, Linux and Unix®.
Everybody’s job is basically to execute someone else’s requests and to submit or to assign work to others. We need to communicate based on documents and messages located on different systems and locations, share the information and track statuses. In most cases, we can consider every job step is related to a project or can be combined into projects, thus everything is a project.

That’s why the heart of Factory is a project management tool but it should be considered first as a personal organizer.  Indeed, these two notions are similar on many aspects because they share the same information, on professional side and on personal side.  There is nothing different between a group of tasks on a project plan and a to-do list on a spreadsheet, a mailbox or a team calendar. Nothing except the software. Because this is the same information, one Factory's objective is to keep everything in a safe place on everybody's desk and share that information with the people who need it.

Developer site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/projectfactory/