0.1: Foundations: user interface for Actors, Teams, Locations and Holiday Schedules. (Released on 2/9/05).
0.2: Stand alone project management tool, including Projects and Project Plans and Statuses. (Released on 4/17/05).
0.3: Richer user interface plus export, print capabilities and GANTT Diagrams. (Released on 1/30/06).
0.4: Management of Risks and Tracking. (Released on 3/24/06).
0.5: Network communication including remote connections, replications and mail notifications. (Released on 3/24/07).
0.6: Security.
0.7: Action plans and Meeting planner.
0.8: On line help including tool tips.
0.9: Packaging for Windows® and Mac OS X®.
1.0: Release in English and French.
1.1: Interface (input) from third-party softwares.
1.2: Enhanced project management functionalities.
1.3: Document management using links to repositories.
1.4: Budget management.