Release 0.4
Release 0.4 is now available for download. This release introduces risk management and project tracking. It features also several additions (including phases and availability of actors on projects), calculation of totals on every page, cosmetic changes (including bug reporting and better printable documents) and fixes lot of issues. Performances and data storage are optimized, and management of errors is improved in addition. Thus, this release is much more stable and represents halfway, which is still a research project as of now. Next final steps will be essential in this proof of concept prototype. Next phase will 100% concentrate on networking and final phase will integrate everything.
Once again the home page has been moved, the whole project is now fully hosted by SourceForge. Please note sources are now managed on CVS repository, even the project plan for Factory is posted on the Web! You are welcome to test the application and enter bug reports on developers' site.